Windows 2000 on EEE PC experience

May 29, 2013 2:41 pm Published by 4 Comments

So, since Windows 98 turned out to be not quite usable, I decided to give Windows 2000 a go.

I didn’t have its CD, so I had to go over to Ebay and buy one.
After making an image of it, I started the process…

I made a customization by integrating SP4 and some other softwares into it, like, for example the drivers for VGA, sound, etc.

And it resulted in a ~500 megabyte ISO image.

Afterwards, since I’m not much of a throw-a-cd-in-and-go-guy (well except for music, CDA FTW :D), I used Rufus to write it onto the same SD card (Just FYI, a 1GB one from Nokia) I used to install Windows 98.

Rufus doing stuff

Rufus doing stuff

By the way, if you ask me, why am I on Windows in all those posts — Macs just don’t get all the windows bootable stuff right :P

Setting up BIOS options was not needed, except for enabling WLAN (since I turned it off in Win98, because it didn’t work anyway) and disabling Camera (I don’t use it, so don’t want to go through all the mess of fixing it up). Also make sure to set OS Install to [Start].

Oh well now you’re done with BIOS and Rufus is still thinking… Get yourself a nice CD and relax to some good music while it’s doing its job! It may take a lot, depending on the storage hardware you have.

After it’s done messing with your flashdrive, plug it in and choose to boot from it using the boot popup (ESC on bios screen). Aaand shit!

Nope, it seems nLite’d one doesn’t want to install unless I have an older version of winNT.

Well fuck it, let’s boot to the vanilla SP4 CD. Get your USB CD drive ready.

After booting from the CD the install goes pretty much as usual. That’s why I love the 701 EEE PC, it’s like a small old low-end PC, great for those experiments.

When it’s done, move the ASUS drivers to a USB drive and install them, surprisingly they all are working! However you’ll have to find each one’s Setup.exe, AsusSetup won’t work at all.

However there is no MSCONFIG lol, so be warned and have a copy from XP to use.

After that I installed a win98 startup sound, created my shortcuts, put in all updates and bam! Fast and usable!

You can get apps for it at OldApps.


For IM I used Miranda IM and for the Web I used Seamonkey.

And oh, the wallpaper is I don’t know by whom, but I got it on the web and enhanced it a bit to my liking, so here it is:


Click for full size


I also designed a cool bootscreen from it ^_^



And here is the original:

Click for full size

Click for full size


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  • varanoidas says:

    Hey, i have the eee pc 901 and when i installed windows 2000 i had a problem with WIFI. If i remember correctly, the driver would install fine but there was no wifi utility and i couldn’t find a way to connect to a network without it like in XP. Did you use another utility or did the eee 701 driver contain it?

    • I think I had to download the driver manually from the Atheros website. It includes a tool called “Atheros Client Utility”, which allows you to connect to networks in many ways from simply choosing one to very sophisticated ones with different kinds of encryption and hidden base stations. The tool appears in the Start Menu, but you can set it to run on boot. Either way I’ve moved everything to Linux so far, so I might not remember it correctly.

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