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February 24, 2020 5:44 pm Published by 1 Comment

Is anyone even reading this here? Tell me in the comments if you do :-)

Another week of Miku-weekend has passed, and despite no Yuki Miku Live this year, I still enjoyed it a lot :3

Don’t have much to say but I also returned to shooting on film for the time being, and here’s some of the shots throughout that week.

One thing to note is that this time my photos have a ton of grain for some reason. Tell me in the comments if you know why that might be, but I’m considering the following may be the reason:

  • Bic Camera’s Film-to-iPhone service operates at a mere 2MP resolution, which kills all the point of shooting on film and creates some grain interference/aliasing noise? (and if you bring them your negatives to print, they digitize it and print from digital, so don’t bother with that! At least if you’re doing Fujifilm, I’m trying KODAK next time)
  • Having a professional camera such as the Canon EOS 5 I’m using now, compared to the ZENIT-E I used to have before, makes you wanna reduce blur and use it’s capability of going as fast as 1/1000 — as a result you win in exposure time, but lose in aperture and ISO
  • Also, well, I never shot on film faster than ISO200, but even though I’ve heard faster film is more grainy, is it really that bad???

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