It Is Not Safe To Turn Off Your Computer

December 22, 2015 1:31 pm Published by

All the good times seem to be left in the past.
Whatever happens is not able to refill the emptiness.

Reverse the movie of life, and it’s about how one regains happiness as they lose more and more of their knowledge.

So here you have some leftover pieces of my soul, at least what is remaining… who knows if you might like them.
And so I’m going back… Knowing, that it’s not safe to turn off your computer.

Hey guys, my new album is out at Pizzabox Society :)

Psst… you also get a bonus track if you download it there instead of my Bandcamp!

And also, we’re gonna announce something even more awesome in a bit of time…

What is that gonna be, a CD or an LP?

Nope… something much better…
This should give you a bit of an idea :)

However, until then, you can listen to it here:

Or watch the music video:

Tell me how you like it, and thanks for staying tuned :)

A big thanks to:

  • PizzaboxSociety for publishing the album
  • LittlePikelet, Namikiri & Defsen, Kripex, Milana Zakharova, Ksyusha Matechenkova, Arien Hikarin, NightRadio, Maria Burkova and many others for inspiration and support :3
  • Kotokotyan for some parts of the album cover art
  • radio for informational support and playing my tracks

From SqueezingReviews December Summary Review: Part 8

One of the most interesting listens for the Pizzabox Society label, Ak.R is a fresh artist with a taste for digital computing and outdated technology narratives. The first side is a sudden drop into a hole of trembling acoustic backdrops and midigated percussions pressed on murky, dissonant delay and drone. There’s a sense of danger in the atmosphere with the production, but it still carries on patches of blissful night lo-fi to balance its moodiness. The second side breaks open up a dreamscape world bursting with teeming activity of robotic communication. This is where the melodies are most actively blooming, especially with the MIDI-like guitars and drums forming memorable substance for the electronic synthwork. It is Not Safe to Turn Off Your Computer is a vividly emotional and complex release, and it’s one that may stick around as a favorite. 4.5/5

Enjoy the album and stay tuned for more! :3
– Ak.R.

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