Install MLPostFactor from Snow Leopard

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In this post I will tell you how to install Mountain Lion on an old Mac running Snow Leopard.

You will need:
1. A Mac that is supported by MLPostFactor (and is running pre-Lion OS X)
2. A distribution of Mountain Lion from the App Store
3. Time and patience
4. optional A cassette or CD player, or an iPod.
5. Some basic Terminal knowledge

For a start, rock up some music on your player, since the process is gonna take some time for sure.

Step 1. Partition the disk
You will need to make your disk into three partitions. The first one would be your current one containing Snow Leopard. The second one will contain the fresh installation of OS X Mountain Lion. The third one is the installer disk.
Make sure to create the installer partition at the end of the disk: that way you will be able to delete it and expand the OS X partition later.

Step 2. Create the installer disk
Fire up Terminal. Enter the following command:

cd /path/to/

This is not a mistake, there is really another app inside MLPostFactor!
Next, make sure the “Install OS X Mountain” is in the /Applications folder and is about 5 gigabytes in size.
NOTE: Pirated copies, Installation disks and Disk images are NOT supported!
Then type this in terminal:

sudo installer -package Base.pkg -target /Volumes/Your installer disk name

This will create the installer disk. On my Late-2006 MacBook Pro it took almost an hour so this is the time to go for a lunch.

Step 3. Patch the installer.
Once it’s done, enter the following command in terminal.
replace Graphics_2 with Graphics for pre-10.8.1 (AFAIK — didn’t attempt to install pre-10.8.1)

for PACKAGE in Components.pkg Graphics_2.pkg Kernel.pkg; do; sudo installer -package $PACKAGE -target /Volumes/Installer Disk Name; done

This will install the remaining patches.

Step 4. Install OS X
Reboot your Mac to the Installer partition. Install OS X Mountain Lion to the MountainLion partition. The installer will FAIL and it is normal! After the installation failed message, select the MLPostFactor tool from the Utilities menu. Point it to the freshly installed Mountain Lion setup. Let it work on it’s patches and when it’s done, reboot to your fresh Mountain Lion setup!

(optional) Step 5. Fix System Version
If you were installing 10.8.5 and selected 10.8.4 in PostFactor, the OS thinks it’s a previous version.
Go to /System/Library/CoreServices. Copy SystemVersion.plist to desktop. Edit the desktop version to read your system version instead of 10.8.4 everywhere inside it. Then drag the new one back into CoreServices, overwriting the old one. You’re done.

Congratulations on your new old Mac!

the article may be updated for some more clarification soon…

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