HP 320LX Handheld Computer

February 28, 2016 11:47 pm Published by
Left: my trustworthy HX4700 with Genjitsu Gadget Lab Noto 0.2 for note-taking
Right: the cool guy of the block

Thanks to @dmgcat for giving me this beautiful piece of hardware :3

It even displays JPGs in Internet Explorer, even though it takes some time to open (the pic above took about 20 seconds to render).

I have also replaced the original green backlight with a white one, and the display became MUCH more readable in light and darkness (however, I’ve ruined the original backlight board in the process, so I had to hack on the SMDs with some wire from old ATA ribbons ;;)

The original backlight is just a board with 2 LEDs stuck on the side of the panel (not held in place by anything except really crappy wires).


The replacement 1206 LEDs were obtained from a busted LED strip, wired with some old ATA cable wires, bright as heck.


As a bonus, here, have some WinCE screenshots :3

And here is the “Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll” wallpaper :3

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