Goodbye, Ufa; Hello, Sapporo!

October 28, 2018 7:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

So, I have finally arrived to Sapporo and spent my first weekend in here. It was so filled with this and that and whatnot, so I had to defer this post every single evening until right now.

Now I wonder how I could actually survive so many transits in a row in the first place.

Note: I am using the standard IATA naming for airports from now on because I’m used to doing that. Even though they are mostly self-explanatory, I’ll try to add a tooltip whenever possible, but I might forget to do that sometimes.

Yeah, that was quite a journey.

  1. UFADME: 2 hrs
  2. Then going for a couple hours from DME to Moscow by train to visit a friend and going back: 2× 45 min
  3. DME → NRT: 8 hrs 30 min (arrived earlier by 30 min, JAL is the best 8) ). Now that also had in-flight WiFi, and plenty of gorgeous views, so it was cool, but I wasn’t able to sleep at all for whatever reason :/
  4. Seeing a huge queue for immigration in NRT, standing in line until the staff realized I need a 在留カード: ~30 min
  5. Getting my 在留カード: ~10 min
  6. Baggage retrieval: ≤ 5 min
  7. Transferring from NRT to HND because I only looked at the layover time when buying tickets and thought that 4 hrs surplus is better than 2 hrs, not even noticing the airport switchover: ~1 hr 40 min
  8. HND → CTS: ~1 hr 30 min, along with some fun things like a vintage looking map display and a video stream during takeoff and landing
  9. Gleb and Ishizawa-san kindly offered to pick me up at the airport, so going to Sapporo itself right to my new room took about 1 hour

So… almost 17 hours of transit, not including waiting times and such!

For some reason I was also stopped by every single authority at DME when leaving, got scanned for drugs, asked all sorts of questions («Purpose of visit?», «Length of stay?», «When is your flight?», and so on).

The room is quite compact, but not too small though.

It also comes with a huge user manual for everything installed in here (even the bath is automated, yeah!)

Coming up in multiple next posts is my first weekend in Sapporo. Stay tuned for more photos!

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