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iSounds Workspace Dump

June 30, 2015 2:21 pm
not-quite-picrelated, unless you’ve been quite interactive with me back in 2012

After I’ve abandoned iSounds, there were some demands of ressurecting it, but nobody contacted me to take over the project.

So I’ve put up a workspace dump for it. It’s totally unsorted, might contain some useless stuff or not contain something useful, comes as is. The tweak itself is pretty trivial and it may be easier to just rewrite it but keep compatibility with the old tweak.

Heck, was I, like, 14 years old when making it?!

Grab the workspace →

Anyway 2012 was a great year!
Thanks for remembering iSounds. Thanks to all of you who were donating to support development. Thanks to everyone who was constantly twittering at me in expectation. Thanks to those who sent me fine emails and SMS messages on the release day, so much of them I had to leave my phone off most of the time so it wouldn’t be constantly ringing in class.

This project took a great part in determining my life path back in the day. It was something to go to when the reality was not good enough. It helped me make some necessary decisions.
And I hope for someone who picks it up, it will do that much good, too.

Internet radio tuner ^_^

June 3, 2014 1:19 pm Leave your thoughts

So, one day I was listening to ASOT on DI Trance with WebTunes.
It was almost 4 AM, so I had to go, and I thought: “Oh how awesome it would be to listen to web streams without keeping the computer on!”
Looking at the internet radio receiver prices (like the one from the Denon’s 520 series, from which I already have a CD and an amp) left me quite shocked with what they ask for such a simple device.
Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.17.52

While I was thinking of what kind of a quick job I could find to get one of these, a failed Humax satellite receiver lying under my desk caught my sight.
And so I thought: “Jeah, this must do just fine!”

And so, I moved on to build it…
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iSounds is done with

April 29, 2014 8:07 am Leave your thoughts

A couple of weeks ago TechXero of iG33kstas told me they’re canceling their hosting. And so that will end the life of the iSoundStore.
Yesterday I opened iSounds on my 5.0 iPhone 4 and tried to download a sound set. But all I got was a big red «Failed» caption…

Yeah, even though I haven’t updated it for quite a long time, it’s been a tweak that changed my life.
Sadly I can’t work on it anymore.
If anyone wants to take their turn on the project, drop me an email.

Rest in peace, iSounds.

A word on WebTunes — a web-based music storage, coded in 3 days.

July 26, 2013 1:32 pm Leave your thoughts

First I saw this awesome design by Chris Valleskey on Dribble. Then I stumbled upon Audiocogs Aurora.js. And realized this, when combined, can make an awesome thing. Since I had a decent break of about 3 days in my primary work, I decided to try my hand on a webapp that works completely via Ajax and uses a lot of JavaScript, JQuery and PHP (which seem a lot more fun than Objective-C, at least after over 4 years of just the said language), that would be useful for me since I started learning all the web stuff just a bit less than 4 months ago while trying to create Dakimaker. (Sadly, I learned that I can link MySQL tables as master->detail right after I finished these two.)

I must say it turned out quite good, at least I am writing this while listening to it. Not the best, but can save from carrying around a USB hard drive with FLAC rips of your CDs and some occasionally downloaded mp3s.

Get under the break for an in-depth review, a video, and even a demo playlist.

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