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Connecting a Fujitsu SS-170A to Asterisk

November 15, 2018 8:56 pm Leave your thoughts

For those looking for it, saving you some time: the default NW-Password (NWパスワード) for the SS-170A is: 999999

The Fujitsu SS-170A, while is a darn good looking IP phone, seems to have been designed for some kind of a satellite or trunk phone system. Other than that, I can’t really explain why, when you pick up the receiver, this happens:

< --- SIP read from UDP::5060 --->
MESSAGE sip:[email protected]:5060;user=phone SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP :5060;branch=z9hG4bK2621781087c1096064fa949
From: "number" :5060;user=phone>;tag=2621781087c1096064fa949;fjline-hunt=ML-141
Call-ID: [email protected] Content-Length: 0
Max-Forwards: 70
User-Agent: Fujitsu SS-170A/B/C V02L001C06

< ------------->
--- (9 headers 0 lines) ---
Sending to :5060 (NAT)
Receiving message!

< --- Transmitting (NAT) to :5060 --->
SIP/2.0 415 Unsupported Media Type
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP
From: "number" :5060;user=phone>;tag=2621781087c1096064fa949;fjline-hunt=ML-141
Call-ID: [email protected] CSeq: 1 MESSAGE
Server: Asterisk PBX
Supported: replaces
Content-Length: 0

< ------------>

and it starts to do long beeps, meaning there is no phone line to call, and stops responding to any input.
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Digitally Reimported: listening to in your audio player

May 6, 2016 11:07 am Leave your thoughts

If you’re like me, you probably know the service Digitally Imported and likely you were much disappointed due to the fact that they’ve cut off any means for us to listen to the streams in a more convenient player like RadioApp and such.

However after some fiddling it turned out that the protection is next to nothing. Since circumventing it would not eliminate the ads, neither boost the quality (not implying you don’t deserve more — just the way it works :) ), I thought, why not give it a try and make my hardware radio tuner be able to play DI again?

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Panasonic VIERA 3 clicks and 10 blinks repair

August 2, 2015 10:22 pm

Not so long ago, my 2008~2009 VIERA TV decided not to power on stable. Sometimes it would give me 3 clicks instead of the usual 2, and then blink red 10 times.

When I took it to a repair shop, they asked quite a lot to replace the whole power board because these models are not supported by Panasonic anymore. Thus, I decided to give it a shot on my own.

DISCLAIMER: In no way the author of this post may be responsible for anything, including injury or death, or other loss or damage that happened due to following the instructions listed in this post. You are doing this all at your own risk. There are lethal voltages above the mains voltage inside plasma TVs, and so you must have enough qualification to perform these modifications to your plasma television set. If you are not sure you can do it, take your TV set to an authorised Panasonic service engineer.

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Install MLPostFactor from Snow Leopard

March 3, 2014 8:29 am 1 Comment

In this post I will tell you how to install Mountain Lion on an old Mac running Snow Leopard.

You will need:
1. A Mac that is supported by MLPostFactor (and is running pre-Lion OS X)
2. A distribution of Mountain Lion from the App Store
3. Time and patience
4. optional A cassette or CD player, or an iPod.
5. Some basic Terminal knowledge

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