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A word on WebTunes — a web-based music storage, coded in 3 days.

July 26, 2013 1:32 pm Leave your thoughts

First I saw this awesome design by Chris Valleskey on Dribble. Then I stumbled upon Audiocogs Aurora.js. And realized this, when combined, can make an awesome thing. Since I had a decent break of about 3 days in my primary work, I decided to try my hand on a webapp that works completely via Ajax and uses a lot of JavaScript, JQuery and PHP (which seem a lot more fun than Objective-C, at least after over 4 years of just the said language), that would be useful for me since I started learning all the web stuff just a bit less than 4 months ago while trying to create Dakimaker. (Sadly, I learned that I can link MySQL tables as master->detail right after I finished these two.)

I must say it turned out quite good, at least I am writing this while listening to it. Not the best, but can save from carrying around a USB hard drive with FLAC rips of your CDs and some occasionally downloaded mp3s.

Get under the break for an in-depth review, a video, and even a demo playlist.

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