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Panasonic VIERA 3 clicks and 10 blinks repair

August 2, 2015 10:22 pm

Not so long ago, my 2008~2009 VIERA TV decided not to power on stable. Sometimes it would give me 3 clicks instead of the usual 2, and then blink red 10 times.

When I took it to a repair shop, they asked quite a lot to replace the whole power board because these models are not supported by Panasonic anymore. Thus, I decided to give it a shot on my own.

DISCLAIMER: In no way the author of this post may be responsible for anything, including injury or death, or other loss or damage that happened due to following the instructions listed in this post. You are doing this all at your own risk. There are lethal voltages above the mains voltage inside plasma TVs, and so you must have enough qualification to perform these modifications to your plasma television set. If you are not sure you can do it, take your TV set to an authorised Panasonic service engineer.

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July 5, 2015 1:41 am

Recently I’ve stumbled upon the Scotch Brand’s Sound Talk bulletin, specifically the 5th issue, which has an audio fragment from a tape recording depicted on page 2 (shown above).

After some experimentation with audio and image processing software, and approximately correcting the speed by ear, this is the result (18KB total for all three):

320k mp3: 


WAV w/o speed adjust: 

The fragment is too small to recover anything decently, but, as the bulletin states, the letter “A” does take the majority of it for sure :)

iSounds Workspace Dump

June 30, 2015 2:21 pm
not-quite-picrelated, unless you’ve been quite interactive with me back in 2012

After I’ve abandoned iSounds, there were some demands of ressurecting it, but nobody contacted me to take over the project.

So I’ve put up a workspace dump for it. It’s totally unsorted, might contain some useless stuff or not contain something useful, comes as is. The tweak itself is pretty trivial and it may be easier to just rewrite it but keep compatibility with the old tweak.

Heck, was I, like, 14 years old when making it?!

Grab the workspace →

Anyway 2012 was a great year!
Thanks for remembering iSounds. Thanks to all of you who were donating to support development. Thanks to everyone who was constantly twittering at me in expectation. Thanks to those who sent me fine emails and SMS messages on the release day, so much of them I had to leave my phone off most of the time so it wouldn’t be constantly ringing in class.

This project took a great part in determining my life path back in the day. It was something to go to when the reality was not good enough. It helped me make some necessary decisions.
And I hope for someone who picks it up, it will do that much good, too.

Ak.R. — 2014/12/04

December 30, 2014 12:26 am

My new single, first one in the ambient genre, named “2014/12/04”, can now be found on Bandcamp :)

The first track was in fact featured on Ambient Zone’s “To Tranquility”. Having my track in the same radio show episode along with Above & Beyond, that’s what I could never imagine, wow!

Stay tuned and don’t miss my new album :)

[Mixtape] New Year 157

December 30, 2014 12:13 am

(episode #99)

So, time for the last episode for the time being, and the last one in 2014!
You asked for good music, now you got it! Even though I did lose some skill during the long break :(

Track list:

  • 000 Depath and M-Project — Children
  • 001 Sharpnel — God knows
  • 002 Joshka — Cascading Emotions
  • 003 Joshka and Darren Styles — Cascading Emotions and Dropzone
  • 004 kors k — On My Wings (Shimamura special rmx)
  • 005 Minamotoya — Find Yourself
  • 006 Fracus and Darwin — All I Need Your Love
  • 007 BSK — Boys N Shoujos Kingdom (Daniel Seven Rmx)
  • 008 LMFAO — Party Rock Anthem (Shimamura rmx, AkR tweak)
  • 009 M-Project ft Haru-nya — My little fantasy
  • 010 RoughSketch — Fake Star
  • 011 M-Project — Return to Zero
  • 012 Depath and M-Project — Melody of Passion II
  • 013 Shimamura ft Ellie Jay — Up On High
  • 014 M-Project ft Andrea Bocelli — Time To Say Goodbye

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[Mixtape] Waves Up

October 30, 2014 5:12 pm

(episode #97)

Been going to the uni by bus, listening to the radio. Got some new decent tracks.
Yeah, too much mixes in a row again lol.


  • 000 Dj Auzern – 3rd Base
  • 001 Dedicate – The Same
  • 002 Airbeat One Project – Airbeat Army (G4bby ft Bazz Boys rmx)
  • 003 Backslash vs Mikkas – Want You Back
  • 004 V-Heads – Paxi Fixi (Deepforces rmx)
  • 005 Baracuda – I Will Love Again (Ramon Gz bootleg)
  • 006 Kate Lesing – If I Could Be You (Tunerz Inc rmx)
  • 007 Karl Wolf – Africa (BassDropz bootleg)

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[Mixtape] Bootdisk

October 29, 2014 12:23 am

(episode #95)

Just a megamix of everything best since 3v0lut10n!


  • 000 Osurek – Windows95
  • 001 Minamotoya – Be Your Star
  • 002 The 4th Ft Yukacco – As One (Minamotoya rmx)
  • 003 Hommarju ft Maki – ChaNge the WoRLd
  • 004 Quintino and Sandro Silva vs Benny Benassy – Epic Illusion (Zatox hardmix)
  • 005 Mihalis Rakintzis – Yparxei Agapi
  • 006 Frontliner Ft John Harris – Halos
  • 007 Zatox and The R3belz – Good and Evil
  • 008 Dougal and Gammer – Wii Go Crazy
  • 009 Darren Styles – Save me (Modulate rmx)
  • 010 Darren Styles – Here Tonight (Christian The Lion ft Glitchdick rmx)
  • 011 USAO – Nuit Blanche (DJ Noriken rmx)
  • 012 Minamotoya – Questions
  • 013 Ganar – Audiometer
  • 014 DJ Noriken – Feel What You Feel
  • 015 Minamotoya – Neverwave
  • 016 PLight – CANDY♥VOX (DJ Noriken Remix)
  • 017 Minamotoya – Find Yourself

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[Mixtape] Memory of My World

October 25, 2014 10:27 pm

(episode #94)

Some descriptive text goes here.


  • 000 RoughSketch — Memory
  • 001 Minamotoya — Find Yourself
  • 002 Minamotoya — Snow White
  • 003 Minamotoya — Track 10
  • 004 Dougal & Gamer — Hold Me Close Tonight
  • 005 Skyler rmx Max Coveri — Running in the 90s
  • 006 DJ 490 — Stasis
  • 007 Minamotoya — Minus Two
  • 008 Minamotoya — Beat of Rebellion
  • 009 Rhythmics ft Shimamura — My World
  • 010 Outforce — Jar of Hearts
  • 011 Minamotoya — Find Yourself

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[Mixtape] Fucking Uplifting Time Is Now

October 14, 2014 9:13 pm

(episode #93)

Donno why I feel so happy, but it’s been a loooooooooong time without a recording for me!
Thanx Igor for reminding me I actually can music (sort of), Nastya for just damn good time spent together, and you for staying tuned!


  • 000 fang – Take Me Away
  • 001 Dubscribe rmx Hommarju ft RoughSketch – Anubis
  • 002 RoughSketch – ReGeneration
  • 003 RoughSketch – Time Is Now
  • 004 Minamotoya – Neverwave
  • 005 Minamotoya – Dear
  • 006 Minamotoya – Liberate
  • 007 Minamotoya – Lunascape
  • 008 Minamotoya – Parhelia
  • 009 Minamotoya – Cry
  • 010 Minamotoya – Blooming Life

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An idiot’s dream come true (7 years later)

August 28, 2014 9:03 pm

So, from now on, this will be my primary desktop. Let’s see how it goes.

The only downside is 64 Mo of VRAM, which is not quite the biggest video card out there, but I might upgrade it someday.

As usual, thanks to Daniil for helping me get this thing here from Moscow.
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