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An idiot’s dream come true (7 years later)

August 28, 2014 9:03 pm

So, from now on, this will be my primary desktop. Let’s see how it goes.

The only downside is 64 Mo of VRAM, which is not quite the biggest video card out there, but I might upgrade it someday.

As usual, thanks to Daniil for helping me get this thing here from Moscow.
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[Mixtape] I’m So Happy We’re Still The One

August 21, 2014 8:15 pm

(episode #92)

This might be the last episode for the time being.
I don’t have any more cool tracks in my tune crate, no more time for crate digging too, and also might be moving to another system soon too.
Thanks for staying tuned and see ya later!


  • 001 Ryu* — I’m So Happy
  • 002 USAO — Nuit Blanche (Noriken)
  • 003 DJ Noriken — Feel What You Feel
  • 004 Minamotoya — You Will Be
  • 005 United In Dance — Still The One
  • 006 Ryu* — I’m So Happy (kors k)
  • 007 Minamotoya — Wastes Dances
  • 008 Minamotoya — Imotion

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[Mixtape] 80s Stars Are Searching For More Audio Style

August 7, 2014 4:10 pm

(episode #89 reuploaded)

You thought I am outta business? Heck no!
Except for the fact I couldn’t find anything decent as a cover pic so I just put up something I found to my liking on gelbooru using the tag ‘vinyl’.

Oh and btw, did you know you can subscribe to the Mixtapes category feed using iTunes?


  • 01 Eiffel 65 – 80s Stars (Pop Floor Mix)
  • 02 Brennan Heart and Frontier – Search for More 2008
  • 03 Sharkey and Arkitech – Never Say Die
  • 04 Moonfall – Gangnam Style
  • 05 PLight – Ghost Shout
  • 06 JD-Kid – Unforgettable
  • 07 PLight – Ninja
  • 08 Max Coveri – Running in the A90s
  • 09 S3RL rmx A.B and Douglas vs DJ Ned – Hold On
  • 10 Ganar – Audiometer

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Marantz PMD 510

August 6, 2014 1:26 am Leave your thoughts

This monday, Daniil (danila_95) visited Ufa. Except for walking around the city and other fun stuff, he also brought this not-quite-little goodness that Alex Nak got me here.
The [B] well was not working, however, which was quite disappointing with such a powerful machine.
So it was time to jump right into the schematics of it. After some hours of probing and reading, it seemed that QM61 and QM62 were out of business after some weird occasion. The reel motor was spinning, yet no motion was seen from the capstans and the head mechanics (which are, in fact, driven by the same motor). So I had to go to the local electronics shop and get two 2SD2144’s (I was lucky enough to come on time because these were the last two in stock).
Replacing these was a bit hard since the mechanical assembly is in the way of removing the main board. But, after reassembling was done, I connected it to a 110V AC adapter, put in a tape, hit play… Sure enough they both work fine, in reverse and direct modes!
Time to hook it up into the rig, well A to the amp as a usual recorder, and well B to a USB sound interface (a 24-bit USB Sound Blaster) for instant recording, broadcasting and digitization purposes.
Now gotta think up a better stand for the audio equipment, a way of making this work with AIEdit2, and how to get the pillow that was inside back to Alex 🙂
Enjoying the Haibane Renmei cassette on it as I’m typing this post~

[Mixtape] Shining Starline Connection

July 30, 2014 8:39 pm Leave your thoughts

(episode #88-B)

Day 2 of space-ish hardcore and trance from Japanese artists!

Side B: Shining Starline Connection


  • 01 PLight – Connection [DJ Noriken rmx]
  • 02 PLight – The Shining [Technosaw rmx]
  • 03 PLight – CANDY♥VOX
  • 04 PLight – CANDY♥VOX [DJ Noriken rmx]
  • 05 PLight ft yukacco – Star Line
  • 06 PLight – Floating
  • 07 PLight – April 31
  • 08 PLight ft. airi – Let’s Sing [DJ Shimamura rmx]
  • 09 PLight – Connection
  • 10 PLight ft. airi – Prismatic

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[Mixtape] SpaceFlow

July 30, 2014 8:39 pm Leave your thoughts

(episode #88-A)

Day 2 of space-ish hardcore and trance from Japanese artists!

Side A: SpaceFlow


  • 01 Minamotoya – Necro Fantasy
  • 02 PLight – Space Water
  • 03 Minamotoya – Stardust
  • 04 Minamotoya – be your star
  • 05 DJ Noriken – Aviator
  • 06 Minamotoya – End of Pursuit
  • 07 Minamotoya – Phze Zero
  • 08 Minamotoya – Airflow
  • 09 Minamotoya – LiON

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[Mixtape] Feel So Good Inside

July 18, 2014 1:27 pm Leave your thoughts

(episode #85, 18 Jul 2014)

Well, some of these mixtapes are gonna be on the NyanServer radio! ^^
Take out your subwoofers and celebrate that there is still half of summer left for hardcore!

Track list:

  • 01 Darwin HU rmx Dain-Ja ft Vicky Fee – Feel So High
  • 02 Fracus & Darwin – The Good Inside
  • 03 Modulate rmx Darren Styles – Save Me
  • 04 Darwin – Bliss Tech
  • 05 S3RL – Weekend
  • 06 Rik Arkitech – Fulla Culture
  • 07 初音ミク – Cry in my heart
  • 08 Endemic rmx Rik Arkitech – Tranzport Pt.2
  • 09 Darren Styles, Christian The Lion, Glitchdick – Here Tonight


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