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The Blog is dead — long live The Blog?

January 20, 2022 10:58 am Leave your thoughts

Yep, no updates here whatsoever for a while. Life’s been quite a rollercoaster though. So far I haven’t returned home to Russia, and frankly improving my life here more and more I feel less and less the need to — the only reasons now being family, friends and my CD/LP and Hi-Fi collection.

But if you’re reading this, I’d appreciate a comment just to see that there are people here.
And while we’re at it, here’s a funny story from this weekend.

So I’ve been making mixtapes for a while. They’ve never been too good, but lately they’ve been more bearable. Thus I started to try and stuff my face into any place who might need a DJ. Mind you, I’m not pretending to be some DJ that every club wants — in fact, I’m trying to be the opposite: a DJ no club ever wants, someone to fill in a sudden gap in the schedule. At least for the time being…

Last weekend I thought it’s a good idea to finally learn what so-called “club music” was actually made for, and what a great opportunity it was to visit Yatsuzaki Hardcore live in person.

And for another thing, it was a sudden opportunity to meet RoughSketch in person, whose music I featured quite a few times on A-Cast as well (and whose track “Face”, once I’ve heard it on the radio, pretty much kicked me from just mixing around Exit Trance songs into actual “proper” hardcore). He was super chill about it, we had some small talk for some time, and I kind of casually dropped him one of my latest mixtapes just in case. I guess he probably has a stack of those arriving every week but you gotta at least try, right? :D

Fast forward until today, I get to my workstation and see a missed call. Google knows nothing about the number. Voicemail is an empty message. I gather the audacity and finally call back, saying, hey, I had a missed call from you.
The voice at the other end asks in Japanese: “Oh, is this Akasaka-sama?”
My first thought is: Shit, somewhere online my cellphone number got leaked!
But anyway, I say yes, this is indeed me.
The voice at the other end introduces themselves… and it’s RoughSketch.
My second thought: Holy shit, was something I’ve done actually good enough for something at last?

Fat chance, someone from the people present at the event back in the day got *the virus* and he was calling people to check in if they are okay.

I’m not complaining, I just find it funny to be one of the few people in this world to be phoned by RoughSketch himself and asked how am I doin’ :D
And in regard to the mixtape… I’m not going to bring it up again of course, instead — back at the mixer and repeatedly aiming for perfection! (If I can ever reach it)

But if you missed it, feel free to check it out right here.

akasaka @ Anison Hijack episode 2021/10/10: Wheel of Styles

October 10, 2021 6:37 am 1 Comment

Right before moving (not back to Ufa just yet, still in Japan!) I’ve decided to roll a set — and IMO now this one is my best in terms of transitions smoothiness and overall technical level. Guess it took me 6 years of DJing (of which 4 years are just doing nothing at all) to learn this stuff xD

MinamoTrance Showcase Mix @ Anison Pre-Heatwave Hijack 2021/07/11

July 11, 2021 12:34 pm Leave your thoughts

This is basically a replay of the good ol’ A-Cast #87 part A we all know and love — this time on a proper controller, and without the SYNC button ’cause it ceased to exist halfway into the set xD

Featuring some songs with the sing-along karaoke, so stay tuned for those!

I forgot to turn on OBS recording though, so it’s a TwitchRip of my own recording :/ Well, the whole event was riddled with technical issues so… I guess it’s just our luck on the day :S

Mikus on film

February 24, 2020 5:44 pm 1 Comment

Is anyone even reading this here? Tell me in the comments if you do :-)

Another week of Miku-weekend has passed, and despite no Yuki Miku Live this year, I still enjoyed it a lot :3

Don’t have much to say but I also returned to shooting on film for the time being, and here’s some of the shots throughout that week.

One thing to note is that this time my photos have a ton of grain for some reason. Tell me in the comments if you know why that might be, but I’m considering the following may be the reason:

  • Bic Camera’s Film-to-iPhone service operates at a mere 2MP resolution, which kills all the point of shooting on film and creates some grain interference/aliasing noise? (and if you bring them your negatives to print, they digitize it and print from digital, so don’t bother with that! At least if you’re doing Fujifilm, I’m trying KODAK next time)
  • Having a professional camera such as the Canon EOS 5 I’m using now, compared to the ZENIT-E I used to have before, makes you wanna reduce blur and use it’s capability of going as fast as 1/1000 — as a result you win in exposure time, but lose in aperture and ISO
  • Also, well, I never shot on film faster than ISO200, but even though I’ve heard faster film is more grainy, is it really that bad???


February 14, 2019 7:08 pm Leave your thoughts

First and foremost, a tiny announcement: Twitter erased my account for accidentally specifying the wrong birthdate and then correcting that. Until I get my thoughts together to use a service which wipes user data just when they feel like, there ain’t any other account that can be used to contact me there.